Headscarf vs Durag: What is the difference?

A headscarf and a durag are two different types of head coverings with distinct styles and purposes.

A headscarf is typically a long piece of fabric that can be wrapped around the head and neck to cover the hair and sometimes the neck and shoulders. It is often worn as a cultural or religious symbol, as well as for practical reasons like protection from the sun or wind. Headscarves come in various sizes, shapes, and fabrics, and are often tied in different ways depending on the desired look and function.

On the other hand, a durag is a type of headwear that is typically worn to protect and style hair, particularly among people with textured or curly hair. It is a fitted cap made of stretchy material that covers the hair and compresses it, helping to maintain hairstyles and prevent hair breakage. Durags come in various colors and designs and can be tied in different ways to achieve different styles.

So, while both headscarves and durags can be used to cover the head, they serve different purposes and are worn for different reasons.

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