How Do You Wear A Headscarf With Short Hair? 

There are different ways to wear a headscarf with short hair, depending on personal style and preference. Here’s one method you could try:

  1. Start by placing the headscarf over your head with the center of the scarf at the nape of your neck and the two ends hanging over your shoulders.
  2. Take one end of the scarf and bring it up and over your head, towards the opposite side. Tuck the end of the scarf behind your ear and secure it in place with a bobby pin or hair clip.
  3. Repeat the previous step with the other end of the scarf, bringing it up and over your head in the opposite direction and tucking it behind your other ear.
  4. Adjust the scarf so that it covers your hair and the back of your head. You can leave the ends hanging down, tie them in a knot under your chin, or wrap them around your head for a more secure fit.
  5. Finally, use bobby pins or hair clips to secure the scarf in place and prevent it from slipping off.

Check out the video below for more tips on wearing a scarf with short hair:

Remember, there are no hard and fast rules for wearing a headscarf, so feel free to experiment with different styles and methods until you find one that works for you.